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   True North Land Surveying, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Bradley A. Absher. He has owned and operated the firm ever since and expanded business from the Ocean View area throughout Delaware and Maryland. We have recorded surveys on properties from the tributaries of the Chesapeake to the coast of the Atlantic. The majority of our projects are located in and around the resort beach areas. We are proud to be land surveyors and really enjoy the profession. We are always conscious of and committed to our client's time lines and budgets, aiming to meet them both. Our experience in all types of land surveying services, our implementation of modern and efficient technology, and our "hands on" professionalism have always produced pleasing results for our clients.

   Our mission is to empower the private land owner, real estate developer, real estate attorney, general contractor, civil engineer, and public agency by providing the highest level of land surveying services with the most cost effective measures. We aim to provide support, consulting, and services to aid in projects from small lot surveys to large projects. True North’s mission is to point our clients in the right direction.

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